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This privacy policy is effective as of September 16, 2009, and is version 1.0. Material changes to it will be summarized briefly here going forward.

For now, the only personal identifiable information (PII) we collect from you is your email. If you give us that PII, we may use it to let you know when iTashlich is available, information about updates or issues with it, if we have new products that might be of interest to you, and if there is any legal requirement to contact you. While we do not at this time directly share your PII with third parties, we can anticipate third parties potentially having access to it in the following manner: our submission form is hosted by Formexperts.com and your PII that is on their server is subject to their privacy policy; our site is hosted by Go Daddy, which has its own privacy policy. Formexperts.com also sends a copy of submitted information to our email accounts at Go Daddy and MSN Hotmail.

If iTashlich.com LLC is acquired or we sell substantially all of our assets, our collected PII will go with the company or those assets, subject to our then applicable privacy policies. 

If we decide to actively share PII with third parties, we will update this policy in advance and put a notice on our Home Page that we have done so before the new policy takes effect. The changed policy will apply to new information collected after the relevant effective date, unless you opt in to the new policy with respect to previously received PII. 

We do not (knowingly) drop cookies and if we do, we don’t know how to look at them. If we start putting third party advertisements on this site, those advertisements may drop their own cookies. We will only use what we understand to be reputable third party advertisement services and we assume they will be in compliance with relevant industry practices with respect to serving ads on websites. If information about those advertiser cookie practices is reasonably available, we will post a link to them here.

We may use Google Analytics to learn more about where our visitors are coming from and how they navigate the site. Here is information about Google Analytics.

Notwithstanding our animated fish, this site is for adults and teenagers 13 or older and we think the content (e.g., prayers and “sin” questions) is consistent with that intention. If you are under 13, do not send us any PII.

If you want to know what PII we have about you, to update it, or to have us delete it, please send us a message at support@itashlich.com

iTashlich.com LLC is a U.S. company and we access your PII in the United States. If you submit PII to us from outside the U.S., you are expressly consenting to the transfer of that data to the U.S. 

We are a small business and we do not collect sensitive PII. For the most part, we will look at what we do collect on Formexperts.com or in our email accounts as described above. We may download data for a spreadsheet or database, and if we do, we will treat that data as we do our own personal PII, we will not make unnecessary copies, and we will delete it when it is no longer needed. You should not send us any sensitive PII at this time.

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