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Tashlich is a ceremony performed outside during Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. Each year (this year, September 19, 2009), many Jews around the world walk to moving water bodies and perform Tashlich, which means "to throw" or "to cast", and toss small crumbs into the water to be eaten by fish. In this way, they symbollically cast away their sins in the hopes of starting the New Year fresh and guilt free.

Now, with iTashlich, anyone can cast away their sins any time, anywhere. 

iTashlich is in English and in Hebrew, depending on your language setting. It explains Tashlich, and contains audio of the main prayer. It also contains the text, in modern Hebrew, of the three main prayers. No more papers blowing in the wind!

But wait, there's more. iTashlich loosely follows the spirit of Al Cheit, the communal recitation of sins that we say on Yom Kippur. iTashlich offers questions based on "traditional sins", as well as more modern, "sins-lite". How will you stack up? 

After reviewing the meaning of Tashlich, hearing the Tashlich prayer, and considering some potentially relevant sins, you will experience a personal iTashlich experience designed just for you.

At long last the question will be answered: what happens to all of those crumbs down there?

Thank you for your interest. Happy New Year!


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